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How To Bounce Back From Failure In Life

Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”

Failure is never in anyone’s plans. Every plan is made to succeed. But then failures happen. It is inevitable. It’s the law of life. Failure comes in all shapes and sizes, in times we don’t anticipate it.

Faced with failure, we often fall into depression, despair, lose courage and motivation. But the key is to bounce back. We cannot avoid failures in life but we can defeat failure from consuming is. We can emerge from it and be victorious. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Realize that failure is a part of life.


First thing first – A life without failures is impossible. Everyone faces failures, including the most successful people. Failures are not only impossible, but essential to human growth. Failures are inevitable. No matter how good someone is, no matter how meticulous the planning is, failure is inevitable. It’s something everyone has to face and it’s not a choice. It is just life.

2. Realize that failure is a part of success, not the opposite of it

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People who succeed, do not do so because they did not fail; they do so despite failing multiple times. Failure is the stepping stone to success. It’s what comes when before success comes. Failure shows that you tried. It reflects efforts, it reflects ambition. It reflects determination. It reflects both human frailty and human resilience. It’s a part of the road that leads to success. In life, there is no success without failure.

Furthermore, failure is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s good news. It means you tried and that now you have a better understanding of the matter, of your own strengths and weaknesses. It also means that you are another step closer to success.

3. Accept the failure, get over it

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Failure can hurt; sometimes a little, sometimes terribly. Some people typically go through the five stages of grief, but it can leave one too broken to try again. Those who find it hard to accept failure, find it impossible to move on. You must accept and get over it.

Don’t try to seek distractions. Don’t get into self hatred. Don’t let depression take over. If you do, you become the failure. If it hurts for a while, let it hurt. If it makes you sad, so be it. But do not try to suppress it. Do not try to bundle it away in a hidden corner of your mind. Live through the grief. It will destroy you, but only if you let it.

You can accept it only of you stop seeing failure as a complete negative. It’s not. As you read on, you will realize that failure has many positives.

4. Reanalyze the situation:

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Failure is also an opportunity –  to re-calibrate everything; to think anew. Now that you know what the obstacles are, what are the ways to deal with them? Think outside the box. Unlearn the obsolete ways and learn new tricks. Regroup. Re-energize. Relaunch the attack.

5. Play to your strengths and fight your weaknesses

Another significant benefit of failure is self discovery. Failure shows you your weaknesses and your strengths better and in newer light. You learn more about yourself. When you, recalibrate, take advantage of your strengths and stay careful about your weaknesses. Find out how you can overcome your weaknesses and how your strengths can benefit you the maximum.

6. Learn from your mistakes:

To make a mistake is human. But a mistake that we learn from and never repeat becomes our strength. Reflect upon the mistakes you made, learn what you can from them and then make sure never to repeat the mistakes ever again. Because when you do it a second time, it’s not a mistake anymore.

7. Find out who your true friends are

Nothing works like failure if you want to know who is a true friend to you. Make the necessary changes in your life. Do not carry the baggage of those who will never stand by you or support you.

8. Move on and keep success will kiss your feet


Success comes to those who persevere. Everyone falls. But only those who get back up and keep running, find their destination. Let’s part on these wonderful thoughts from Sylvester Stallon.