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How to Avoid Job Hopping From Unhappiness

You know the feeling: you’ve been at your job for long enough that you’re comfortable with your job requirements, but nonetheless, you feel unsettled. Maybe tension has started to develop between you and your coworkers, or perhaps you feel like you’re not moving up the ladder the way you planned. Now, just when you’ve gotten in the groove at your company, you’re starting to dream about moving on. You’re unhappy with a few things about your job that start to feel like everything about your job, and your skin is practically crawling with an urge to get out, now. You know you’re meant to do more, but just don’t know what that is.

This feeling hit me a few years ago, when I was working as division manager in the staffing field. I felt like I could feel my life ticking away, like nothing I was doing mattered. In reality, I was connecting people to entirely new careers. Opening doors for success. The problem was that I could do the job in my sleep—I was on autopilot. I felt a lack of fulfillment in my day-to-day life.  While it sounds silly to complain about work being “too easy,” I wasn’t happy feeling that impassioned by my job.

That’s when I sought out a mentor, a woman who could help me get to the core of what I really wanted. She didn’t let me just up and quit my job immediately, however; we spent a long time getting to the heart of why I was unhappy.

What I discovered was that this job reflected where I was spiritually. I didn’t have a clear vision of who I was and what I wanted. Yes, I had taken the Myer-Briggs personality test, but I had no idea of my purpose and how I could contribute to the world in a way that fulfilled me as well. My company culture did not fit my values and I had more expertise with nowhere to go.

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