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7 Healthy Habits for a Stronger Mind


Since the famous Marshmallow test was done in 1970 and numerous studies have proven how mental toughness is the most common trait among successful people. It`s self-discipline that differentiates between the average and the most successful among us. Disciplined people can regulate bad emotions, overcome difficult times and achieve difficult goals. To be like them, you can start today by building these seven habits.

1. Improve patience with fasting

If you can fast voluntarily then you will have enough patience to succeed. Habits are  contagious, this is why people who exercise regularly are often more successful than people who eat junk food all day. In fact, many celebrities like Terry Crews, and Andrew Wittman have already incorporated fasting in their lifestyle.

I have been fasting for over a year now and I`m pretty much certain that he who can stay without food for +16 hours every day can tolerate anything. Fasting will teach you discipline, help you lose weight and improve your life in many other ways like repairing damaged cells and raising both your Testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels.

2. Build discipline through running

Build a morning routine around running and life will get better and easier. Will Smith laid it well when he said the key to life is running and reading.

When you run, there`s a voice in your head that says: ‘You`re tired, you can`t continue and you have to quit’. When you learn how to push past this nagging voice, you will learn how to persist when life gets hard.

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