A woman dreaming about success and life

The 6 Biggest Enemies to Creating Your Dreams

Do you want to shake thirty-five pounds off your body and keep that weight off? (If so, don’t hang out with the person trying to bake the perfect banana cream pie.)

WHATEVER your “problem” — your point A — may be, there is only one thing that will get you to the solution — your Point B — which is the achievement of your dream:  Your creativity.

Because by it’s simplest and truest definition, creativity means the act of making something. Making something happen that isn’t happening now. Making something exist that currently does not exist.

Without taking this action — without your creativity — the things you want and need go nowhere. But these unfulfilled thoughts don’t merely go nowhere… they in fact pull you down deeper and deeper into frustration and even misery because you aren’t DOING anything about them.

Indeed, being creative is absolutely required for you to solve any problem — to achieve any goal and dream — you have.

For two decades now it’s basically been my job (and passion) to help individuals and organizations get unstuck, stay unstuck, and make themselves become whatever they most desire to be. In that time,  I’ve discovered there are 6 very big enemies to creativity.

Here they are, in countdown order to the biggest, baddest enemy #1:

Enemy #5: Self-Sabotaging Expectations 
Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s such a tired old cliche, but I looked it up and it is historically accurate.

It takes time to solve your problem, to achieve your dream. And the bigger the problem — the more important your dream — the more time it takes.

Yet what I see constantly, and not only with the younger folks, is the expectation of success fast.

In part we owe it to our “Give it to me now” culture for this expectation. And it is mighty destructive.


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